Kefir at home Instructions to get you started

You will need:

2 cups fresh milk preferably best quality raw Organic milk

2 Tablespoons of milk kefir-grains.

A glass jar with a loose fitting lid or some cotton fabric and rubber band

Strainer stainless steel.


What type of milk you ask?

Any fresh milk with any amount of fat content including non-fat milk is suitable. Low fat or non-fat milks in my experience don’t produce as many grains as often as full cream.  Cold milk straight from the fridge is also suitable. Raw milk approved for human consumption can be used too. (Cow, Goat, Sheep & Buffalo)


Pour fresh milk in clean jar and add kefir grains fill jar to ¾ full.


Stir then secure lid on jar but do not seal jar airtight.


Let milk & grains stand for about 24 hours at room temperature.


It is good to gently rock container or stir contents with a clean spoon at least once after first 8 hours fermentation.


Empty thicken milk in a strainer to separate the liquid-kefir from the grains.


Put the finished liquid Kefir into a glass container and stand for another 24hrs at room temperature for a more sour taste or place in the fridge and chill for use.


Wash the fermenting jar and lid, and then repeat whole process for a new batch.